Why Join? (Feature List)

Be More Then Ordinary! 

Let Your Art Shine

Have you ever dreamed of standing on stage with hundreds or even thousands of adoring fans? Do you have a passion for music and other creative arts? Do you stay up late at night/wake up early to write the perfect song? Do you daydream about a life you feel you may never have? Why Join? Simple, so that that dream can become a reality! 

Dreamerzz goal is to provide the services, ordinarily only available to signed artists or people with huge funding limits, to indie artists. No one should be unable to promote their music simply due to a price barrier. Below is a full list of features, services and benefits that we offer. If you have any questions feel free to contact our sales team here “email”. This list is constantly updating

Get 12 masters per year for Pro members and 24 for Rockstar members. 

Distribute your music on all major digital platforms. Pro members get 12 songs per year while Rockstar members get 24. 

All paid members get access to our “MyStudioz” store. This is where we upload royalty free beats that members can use in any capacity. We don’t take royalties regardless of song success. All members get lifetime access for free to the store after a year of full membership. 

All paid members get their songs eligible for “spotlight” Spotlight is a feature and section on our front page that not only displays the artist for all to see, we also send a monthly email blast that promotes the artists. 

Pro and Rockstar members enjoy discounts on our add on services. Pro members get 25% off while Rockstar members get 35% off. *

Dreamerzz sometimes will hold giveaways and competitions for prizes. These is a way for the community to grow and engage with each other, while allowing Dreamerzz to give back.

Not sure whether toreleasea single or full album Pro and Rockstar members get access to our “Manager Section”. This section is where users can get priority support and advice on topics. 

Dreamerzz is excited to announce Dreamerzz Radio. We have our own radio network that where all paid members are eligible for radio airplay. We are also working on some dynamic radio features coming soon. **

Dreamerzz is a platform for the users. Members who have been ether Pro or Rockstar members for 3 years get access to our profit share system at no additional cost. 

All Rockstar members get a chance to be in the moment. All Rockstar members get a yearly submission to be considered for 2 of our top features. Studio funding and Live Shows. If you are selected you will be able to ether receive $1000 in studio time funding to a studio of your choice, or be invited to perform at a Dreamerzz sponsored event, show or concert. 

Social media is incredibly important to indie artists. This is why for Pro and Rockstar members we will give a follow, and may feature your song on your Youtube channel as well as on our social medias. 

The world is turning digital and music is no different. That being said, theres nothing that quite beats the enjoyment of a physical album. Kind of hard to sign digital songs. Rockstar members get a physical “single” CD. We offer quantities up to 100 CDs included in your membership. 

Part of what makes creative arts is collaborations. Whether its a one time feature or a meeting to form the next big band, Dreamerzz allows users to connect and collaborate without physical limits.

Do you want to release the hottest song of the summer? Rockstar members get a free full mix per year to use for their single. 

* All services are subject to TOS guidelines and restrictions. Please read TOS for full breakdown. 

** Features may still be in development or limited during membership.