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TOS for Dreamerzz 1- This is a legally binding contract and is governed by the state of Colorado 2- Membership Length All memberships are on a year-to-year contract that is billed monthly. The contract will automatically renew each year unless otherwise specified by the account owner. 3- Lifetime Membership Lifetime members are members who have been members for more than a year. Lifetime members are entitled to the MyStudioz section for LIFE however, other restrictions such as exclusive beats still apply. Pro and Rockstar members get the store included in their membership. No discounts are awarded for Pro and higher tiers. Lifetime members are not excluded or given special treatment for TOS violations and must still follow TOS. 4- Exclusive Beats Exclusive beats are beats that have been bought and are no longer available for public use. These may include custom beats or beats in the “MyStudioz” store. Beats in the “MyStudioz” store can become exclusive, however, this is for future use only. All users who have already made an established and published song may still use the beat. These rules also apply to lifetime members. 5- Weekly Beats Dreamerzz adds beats to the “MyStudioz” store weekly. While we try our best to continue that trend we can’t guarantee to always send out the beat on time. You are paying to gain access to the tracks already in the MyStudioz section. New beats to the MyStudioz Store will be guaranteed at least once a month. 6- User Custom Beats We not only allow but also encourage users on our social network to promote their own custom beat-making services. As long as the service is individual meaning it is done on a person-to-person basis and not a business recruiting users to join a different network that competes with Dreamerzz. This extension is exclusive to custom beats and mixing. 7- Recruiting While Dreamerzz promotes individuals to promote their work, users must NOT recruit other users to other company services. If recruiting to another competing company takes place the account may be suspended. 8- Privacy Policy (User messages) While Dreamerzz respects our users' privacy, Dreamerzz has the right to access user messages and user profiles at any time, without notice and undisclosed, to check for any breach of TOS. No information will be held or captured during these searches unless TOS violations are found and then only relevant information is collected. Searches may be at random. Dreamerzz has no responsibility to inform a user if and when a search has or will take place. 9- Refunds Dreamerzz memberships are considered an annual agreement. While you may cancel at any time, the amount left owed for that current agreement year will be due. Dreamerzz does not offer refunds for unused benefits or leftover contract features. If you feel you are entitled to a refund please contact Dreamerzz support. A refund, regardless of reason outside of the law, is at the sole discretion of Dreamerzz. 10- Unused Benefits All unused benefits are forfeited at the end of the contract agreement year. No refund or cash buyout will be made for unused benefits unless the user was unable to use benefits due to a Dreamerzz issue. 11- Success Guarantee Dreamerzz is a platform to promote. While we offer many benefits and features to help improve the chance of success, Dreamerzz does in no way, guarantee a certain level of success to its members regardless of tier package. 12- User Information We believe privacy and security are fundamental. While Dreamerzz may collect data from its users, This data is for internal use only and will never be sold or shared with a 3rd party outside law enforcement in proper accordance with the law. 13- Arbitration / Disputes All members (free and paid) agree to abide by our arbitration agreement. That all disputes must go through our “Conflict Resolution Process”. If that process fails then individual arbitration will take place. 14- Conflict Resolution Process If there is ever a dispute of any kind, the user must follow the conflict resolution process (CRP). The first step is contacting Dreamerzz support within 7 days of the issue. Dreamerzz then has 30 days to investigate and respond to the dispute. If Dreamerzz offers a resolution the user may decline or accept within 7 days of receiving the reply. If it is declined then Dreamerzz will have another 30 days to send a follow-up. If no resolution is done by then a mediator may be called in. If mediation fails or is not called, the user has the right to seek legal action through the means of individual arbitration. 15- Reselling Of Beats Dreamerzz strictly prohibits the resell of any and all beats obtained through Dreamerzz without the original owner's permission. This includes Dreamerzz beats as well as user beats. Dreamerzz MyStudioz section is for creative use for a transformative track. Reselling of the Beat without being transformative is prohibited without prior written permission. Violation of this could result in termination of membership, all rights to beats, as well as legal action. 16- Harassment etc Here at Dreamerzz, we value the freedom to be creative. We realize we all come from different backgrounds and use creative art forms such as music as a way to express and escape. We never want to inhibit or limit the freedom users have in this regard. That being said we DO NOT condone any action or comment that is meant to or does incite violence, is a form of direct violence, harassment of any kind, discrimination of any kind, and other forms of abusive language, actions, or comments. Dreamerzz has sole discretion to remove any and all content we deem in violation of these terms. Multiple offenses may result in account termination. 17- Ownership Dreamerzz maintains ownership over all of its beats. This includes exclusive beats. All songs uploaded to Dreamerzz are owned by their original creators. Dreamerzz takes no ownership of any beats or tracks created by 3rd party sources. Any song created with the MyStudioz stem package may be considered unique. The song must still be transformative to be considered original. All content uploaded to Dreamerzz that wasn’t originally made by a Dreamerzz employee is independently owned and Dreamerzz has no entitlement to the content unless a written agreement is formed. 18- Cancelation of Account Dreamerzz can at anytime cancel a user's account for violation or credible suspicion of violation of Dreamerzz TOS. The decision to cancel someone’s account is at the sole discretion of Dreamerzz. An email will be sent to the user's signed-up email stating the account has been canceled. Any appeals will have to go through Dreamerzz support and follow the CFP as stated earlier. Dreamerzz is NOT entitled to disclose the reason for cancelation. 19- Payment Users are billed automatically monthly for a yearly agreement. It is the users' responsibility to make sure their banking information is up to date. If there happens to be a lapse in payment, with the fault being on Dreamerzz end, nothing will happen to the users' account. If the issue causes users to be unable to use their features during that month then users will receive that month for free. If the unsuccessful payment was on Dreamerzz end, but features were still able to be accessed and used, then the user will still be responsible for payment. Payment will be added to the end of the agreement, due at the end. If the unsuccessful payment was due to user error then the user is responsible for payment. If an account isn’t paid within a month a notice of suspension will take place. The user then has 30 days to remedy the situation and update the banking information and bring their account current. If after 30 days of suspension the account is not updated the account may be canceled and the remaining balance will become due. Any appeals must go through Dreamerzz support and follow the CRP stated above. If payment is made during the suspension period the account will be put back into active mode and will resume normal status. Dreamerzz may add a $100 admin fee for all accounts that become inactive due to non-payment. 20- Unable to Use Features If for any reason is down, and users are unable to access features, Dreamerzz will do a quality assessment. If the site was down for more than 2 weeks then users whose accounts have 50% or more unused features will receive the month for free. Users who have used more than 50% of their monthly pro features will NOT receive a refund for the month. Boom members will receive refunds for the month if the system is unusable for 15 days out of the calendar month. 21- Dreamerzz Monthly System Drramerzz runs most of its systems off a month-to-month system. To keep Dreamerzz as organized and efficient as possible Dreamerzz runs off a calendar month system. Meaning a new year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st. All accounts made within the 1st 20 days of the month will default to the 1st of that month (sign up on May 7th, will default to May 1st) all sign-ups after the 20th of each month will default to the following month (sign up May 25th, default to June 1st). Payments will still be due on the signup date. Accounts will be ended on the billing date however, all unused features can be used for the remainder of the month. 22- Feature Resets As stated in section “21” Dreamerzz uses a month-to-month way of resetting features. This is to prevent build-up and keep accounts organized. Features will be “reset” on a calendar month-to-month basis. If the account was signed up after the 20th of that month it will default to the previous month. (Example: signing up on May 25th means that your default date is June 1st. Your monthly features are based on the default date, so features will be from May 25th through July 1st when the features reset). 23- Support Dreamerzz wants to create the best user experience possible. This is why we focus on our users. We try to get to every email within a 24 hour period, however, we can’t guarantee it. If you have not received a response from Dreamerzz within 48 hours try resending the email. Dreamerzz works off a priority. We look at emails in the order they are received but may prioritize certain email concerns or requests based on effectiveness to the user on the site. 24- Spotlight Dreamerzz offers a spotlight benefit. 3 users each month are selected to be “spotlit” on our front page. We also send out 3 artists per month to users around the site and on our monthly “spotlit” newsletter. Dreamerzz offers these as features. This feature is categorized as the opportunity to get spotlit, not a requirement. While it is in our best interest to show off as many talented users as possible not everyone may get picked. Dreamerzz is not responsible to give spotlight to every user. Dreamerzz picks its spotlit users using its own discretion. No refund will be given for users not selected in our spotlight section. There may be times Dreamerzz forgoes spotlight selections. This is mainly due to the ratio of users. Dreamerzz has the right to forgo spotlight selections until the ratio has evened out. 25- Label Features/ Signed membership Label features are for users who “apply” to be on our label. There are 2 ways to apply to our label. 1 is to pay $100. 2 is to be a Pro or Rockstar member, this includes a yearly submission. This submission is considered an audition and does NOT guarantee acceptance. 26- Early Pay Dreamerzz paid members may choose to pay for their yearly membership in full at any time. 27- Beats For Non-Active Members Any beats that were not custom or purchased exclusively, upon nonrenewal or cancelation of account, unless lifetime member, will no longer be available to use by the user. If the user continues using the beat this will be considered illegal and legal action may be taken. 28- Updated TOS/Policies Dreamerzz has sole discretion in updating the TOS along with other Dreamerzz policies as long as the user has access to review the updated documents or policies. If there is a policy or TOS update that the user feels negatively impacts their use of Dreamerzz and would like to leave the platform the user may contact support and use the CRP as stated above. Dreamerzz will assess each case individually and has sole discretion in decisions about if a refund is to be given. This discussion is based upon how “deal-breaking” the new policy would be to the user. Dreamerzz TOS updates cannot change the number of features during the current contract year, the price of the current contract, or the reduction of features included in the current contract year. 29- Copyright Strikes Dreamerzz respects original work. We want people to show off their creativity. This is why we respect copyright, trademark, and other creative protections for artists. Dreamerzz is simply a platform for users. Any Copyright strikes will result in the content being taken down. If the user feels the content falls under fair use then they may file an appeal through the CRP. If the copyright still thinks it’s infringement the content will be permanently removed. Legal action may be taken outside of Dreamerzz between the two or more parties, to which Dreamerzz has no responsibility. If a copyright strike is misused by a user, on ANY platform, not just Dreamerzz, then their account, at Dreamerzz discretion, is subject to possible cancelation. 30- Request Consolidation As Dreamerzz grows it may be hit with multiple requests at any given time. Dreamerzz is a small team and while we work hard to help all members with a request, we sometimes get behind as Dreamerzz grows. Dreamerzz holds the right to request that any member be put on a request consolidation plan. A request consolidation plan is a document where a member will have a specific day or days to make requests. 31- Site and Platform upgrades/changes Dreamerzz is an ever-growing and changing platform. We focus on the needs and interests of our members. This means that Dreamerzz may change over time. These changes may include but are not limited to website layout, website processes, song delivery systems, and more. Dreamerzz has the right to change these systems and processes at any time as long as they do not overly interfere with member benefits. If (avoidable and unusable) interference occurs members may be credited with the difference. Some changes may be sudden and while Dreamerzz likes to keep its members informed, Dreamerzz has the right to change any system or process without notice. 32- YouTube Song Of The Week Release Dreamerzz releases songs weekly on YouTube. These beats are generally created by Dreamerzz for use of its members. The common release times for the songs are Sundays at 12 pm (Noon) mountain time. This release is subject to change. Dreamerzz has the right to change, delay, or not release a song of the week on YouTube for any reason. The songs will still be sent using the email sender list regardless of the YouTube song release. Pro members are eligible for song release on our Dreamerzz YouTube channel. This is eligibility and not a feature guarantee. Dreamerzz has no obligation to choose a certain member song or any members song for Dreamerzz YouTube release. If a song is selected it will generally be played on Fridays at 12 pm (Noon) mountain time. This time is subject to change. There may be times when the YouTube Song of the week is already in the MyStudioz store. 33- Radio play locations/confidential Dreamerzz is constantly looking to improve and evolve. This includes growing our radio network. Dreamerzz may contract with certain locations to play songs from our Dreamerzz radio network. These locations will be considered confidential. This is for the safety of the staff and possible customers of the streaming location. We will disclose the industry and state location of the radio airplay but no specific location details unless authorized by that location. For example A retail store in downtown New York. We may list average daily potential listeners however we have no obligation to release any private business sales or detailed information. 34- Dreamerzz Radio Dreamerzz is working on a radio network. This feature may not be available when you sign up as it has a rolling release date based on development progress and needs. This network would allow Dreamerzz members to get their songs played in multiple locations on our ad-free radio network. This allows new artists to get their names out there. Since the radio is ad-free, the network is more influential. Any artist who wishes to have their song played on our radio network must be a Dreamerzz member and accept it as a royalty-free network. Dreamerzz has the right to select an artist they choose for placement on the radio network regardless of royalty status however members are eligible for radio airplay and will take priority over non-member songs. The reason for this is Dreamerzz is growing and there may be times where member songs don’t fill up enough time slots. To keep the music going Dreamerzz may select non-member songs to fill the gaps. Non-member songs will NEVER take priority over a member's song regardless of popularity unless it is vital to the success of the radio. That being said, Dreamerzz has no obligation to guarantee the selection of any song for the radio network. All songs of members that are played are royalty-free regardless of if they get paid royalties from other platforms. 35- Stems and MP3 Release All songs that are in the store come in 4 forms. Full Stems, Mp3s, Waves, and individual stems. Individual stems are used for producing new beats. Not all individual stems may be available compared to the reflected song. Stems may be delayed in uploading based on volume. 36- 3rd party confidentiality/non-member accountability Dreamerzz owns the final legal copyright of many assets on the platform such as Beat Box Store beats. It is the member's responsibility to keep all assets and confidential information pertaining to Dreamerzz secure. If a leak occurs and the member is deemed to be responsible due to reasons such as but not limited to recklessness or negligence Dreamerzz has the right to take legal action to recover any damage in whatever form that may be. 37- Change to Dreamerzz Beats/Legality Dreamerzz owns the sole and final right to its Beats. Members license the use of the Beats. For members to then make money off the beats they need to make it transformative. This could be adding lyrics, extra stems/instruments, etc. It is up to the member to determine what is appropriately transformative. If the member has altered the beat and infringes on another artist's work, the member is solely responsible for any legal proceedings that take place due to the altered work. 38- Client Management As a feature for pro members, we have a client manager section. This section is used for members to ask questions, get feedback and opinions. This section is used as a quick direct answer feature. This means a response is made by a staff member. In accordance with Dreamerzz's 3rd party section, the response may be from a staff member. All feedback regardless of content and source is simply advice or opinions and are not legally responsible for and decisions by the member. 39- Social Media Follows Dreamerzz offers social media follows as part of the pro package. Dreamerzz can only follow on platforms that dreamerzz already has a profile for. Dreamerzz can withdraw the follow for any content that is deemed overly offensive and doesn't match the Dreamerzz TOS and ethics. Any unfollowing by Dreamerzz has no direct impact on account status. For example, The member can be unfollowed by Dreamerzz social but still be in good standing on their Dreamerzz membership. 40 - 3rd Party Advertising Dreamerzz is dedicated to privacy. We will never sell your information to 3rd party sources. To provide our members with the best, most affordable platform possible dreamerzz partakes in 3rd party advertising. This is currently done in 3 ways 1- email, 2- on-site 3- on-site messaging. These ways are subject to change at Dreamerzz sole discretion. Dreamerzz screens ALL ads before being deployed and all ads are based on generic information. We do not sell users' data/information for adverting. Dreamerzz will only ever send an ad up to once a day and will only send it through the registration email or account on file. 41- Mass Send Advertising While we encourage indie artists to promote their services such as producing, beat making, mixing, mastering, and more we want to maintain the integrity of our platform. Mass send messages to more than 3 different people in a day or 5 people a week for advertising purposes is prohibited. You may direct traffic to your profile as often as you like from other 3rd party sources (Instagram, etc). Advertising purposes is any message that contains content that would help entice the reader to purchase or use your services or product. Any potential violation will be investigated by Dreamerzz staff and the violation will be decided by Dreamerzz interpretation. If you disagree with Dreamerzz decision you may follow the conflict resolution process stated above. This is to prevent spam messages in our member's inboxes. All members wishing to advertise on Dreamerzz may contact us for more information. 42- Multiple Same Track Downloads Dreamerzz beats are royalty-free for member use. The artist that uses the beat must be the artist that has an active member account. Said Dreamerzz member may "give" their beat to another artist however the Dreamerzz member then can no longer use that beat. If the member cancels or doesn't renew then the beat will be considered a TOS violation. This is why, while not against policy, per se, it is incredibly wise to not let others use your beats. Dreamerzz may also suspend an account on suspicion of dishonest beat distribution. If a user downloads a particular beat multiple times it flags our system and may be subject to suspension until Dreamerzz investigates. 43- Payouts Dreamerzz distribution takes time to gather royalties. This is why Dreamerzz will utilize a 6 month requested payout system. This system allows users to request a payout of their earnings every 6 months. It takes around 2-3 months for dreamerzz to receive payouts from streaming platforms. Dreamerzz then takes a month to organize and file accurately all the funds. The 5th month is setting up the distribution of funds to artists. 44- 3rd Party utilities Dreamerzz has the right to decide if 3rd party utilities are to be used. Dreamerzz does not have to disclose what, why or when these utilities are used. 45- Resubscribe To Memberships Dreamerzz memberships are annual contracts that are billed monthly. When a year is up, the card on file will be charged for the month's cost. When that first month is charged, after the yearly contract is up, the contract will renew for another year at the current price and will be charged monthly. To stop this auto-renew users must send an email stating they would like to opt-out of auto-renew. This opt-out can only be for future contracts, not current ones. It is the user's responsibility to maintain records for proof of opt-out email request in the event our records do not show a request. If no proof can be provided the contract renewal will take place as normal. When you purchase a membership you are agreeing to these membership terms. 46- Users Age The use of Vuzuna in any way by anyone under the age of 13 is prohibited. By using Vuzuna (even without a membership account) you agree that you are over the age of 13. Any account deemed in violation of the age requirement will be immediately canceled. 47- Distribution Post Membership Track distribution is a feature included for Dreamerzz paid members. Once a member is no longer active the feature becomes limited and may goes away completely. An artist may still request funds to be deposited, however it is limited to once every 6 months and will be done on an available basis. This means that staff will have a full 6 months after the request to distribute funds. This is do to staff having to prioritize active members requests. Anyone who wants a distribution deal only membership may do so for $10 a month and will get the same feature as pro members. All other TOS rules and guidelines apply to the distribution deal as any other deal.