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All paid memberships are on a yearly contract agreement that is billed monthly. Please refer to our TOS here for refund eligibility questions. 

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Of course! The balance you have already paid will be subtracted from the upgraded price. The contract will renew onto a new year. For example if as a pro member you wanted to upgrade and you had paid 5 months at the $25 dollar rate, $125 would be deducted from the yearly total of the upgraded tier. The price would then be applied across the months so instead of $50 a month, it’d be 39.58 a month.

Please contact us to upgrade your account.

All membership features are for the year in which your membership is billed and active. Unused benefits will NOT be carried over unless it falls under TOS exceptions. Dreamerzz may, at its discretion, offer discounts to members for add on services. 

Dreamerzz offers many different advertising options. Click here for details. 

We do! Anyone interested in becoming an affiliate with Dreamerzz, please click here for details!

Absolutely! In all aspects of our life, it is always safety first, and Dreamerzz is no different. We have secure links, secured data information as well as using Stripe for our payment gateway. Stripe is one of the worlds leading payment gateways, so you can assure your card and personal information is secure. 

The “MyStudioz Store” is available for anyone regardless of membership level. Paid members do enjoy discounts and reduction of fees but anyone can sell and buy on the store.

*The MyStudioz Store is currently under construction and may not be available at time of sign up. 

Please follow our conflict resolution process defined in our TOS. To access the CRP form click here.