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Below we offer many add ons that will benefit you regardless of membership price. Use the form at the bottom of the page to inquire about any add ons! If you want these features at a discount, along with other great services try becoming a member!


 Making sure your music is professionally mixed is important. At Dreamerzz we offer anyone the chance to get their song professionally mixed. Pricing starts at $50 per track. 


Ever had that moment where something is to low so you turn it up just to get ear blasted later on? Mastering makes sure your tracks are quality across all different sound systems. Pricing starts at $10 per track. 

Album Art

We all remember the iconic Nirvana album “Nevermind” album covers are sometimes overlooked but can give a professional look and maybe even get people talking. Pricing starts at $50 per cover. 

Pro registration

 Making sure your song is protected is important. Your art is yours and you should feel safe sharing it with the world. Dreamerzz can help you register your song with PROs. Pricing starts at $10 per song. 

Tour help

You are an artist, you should focus on that. Let Dreamerzz do the technical lifting. Dreamerzz can help artists set up tour dates, venues etc. For members we may even consider funding the tour as well. Pricing varies drastically so please contact is for estimate. 

Video production

We all know the hit song Despecito. What you might not know is that it has over 7 billion views, yes billions with a B. The single video alone brought in millions of dollars. Having a music video is an overlooked, yet incredibly important factor that Dreamerzz can help with every step of the way. Pricing varies drastically so please contact us for estimate.  

Social Media Management

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter run the world! It is one of the best ways for artists to get out there. Yet our lives are hectic, busy and unpredictable. This is why Dreamerzz offers social media management. Pricing varies so please contact for details. 

Physical Cd Printing

Nothing quite beats having a physical CD. Dreamerzz offers physical CDs for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Great for concerts and spreading awareness. Pricing varies depending on quantity. Please contact us for more details.  

Do you want continued distribution support without being a full Pro member? Dreamerzz offers a distribution add on. Starting at $5 a month you can get continued backcatalog auto distribution. 

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