About Us

About Dreamerzz

Dreamerzz was founded in 2018 as a way for indie artists to promote their talent and have access to resources without having to rely on huge budgets or label recognition. We understand that chasing your dreams can feel like a battleground, a war that never ends and never lets up. We are here to give a helping hand. 

Our Mission

Dreamerzz mission is to allow indie artists access to resources for them to build, grow and promote their talent, product or service. Dreamerzz will do its best to provide quality services at a reasonable price for indie artists and always put the artist first. This means no restrictions on artist creative control, and making a platform for them. 

Where are we headed?

Dreamerzz started as a platform for indie artists. At our core we are about giving artists resources. We continue to grow and expand, incorporating new features and services all the time. Dreamerzz is also building platforms for other creative outlets such as film-making. As we continue to grow user feedback is the lifeblood of our community, and our goal is to always put the user first. We will continue to implement features we feel benefit the users and are excited to show you whats to come! 

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